Korean Air Skypass Transfer Unavailable From Ultimate Rewards?

I just logged in to the Chase Ultimate Rewards platform to do some reconciliation and noticed that the Korean Air Skypass transfer option shows as “temporarily unavailable”.  Maybe it’s just a technical glitch, but it’s odd timing considering I don’t recall seeing them as unavailable in the past.

Korean Air

The timing is a bit odd considering the recent announcement of Korean Air Skypass as a transfer partner of Starwood Preferred Guest.  Maybe it’s nothing.  I didn’t recall seeing this in the past, but then used that Google thing and found this post from Ben at One Mile at a Time where redemptions were unavailable for about a month late last year.  One would think if it were technical issues they likely would have addressed everything in January, but maybe it’s broken again?

Little bit of a bummer since I was considering them for an upcoming trip and I’ll need to come up with some backup plans in case they don’t reappear soon.


  1. Having lived in Korea for a few years a while back, I had on many occasions been “overwhelmed” by the smell of stale “kimchi breath” when traveling with many people on public transportation. With so much of the air on an airliner being re-cycled in flight, have you or any of your readers experienced this while flying on Korean Air or Asiana?

  2. Not all hope is lost. I was able to call them and they did the transfer over the phone! I have a big trip coming up so they went ahead and transferred. I’m looking at them now in my Skypass account.

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