The Travel Game Is A Journey. The Destinations Along The Way Are Just Part Of The Fun, Part 1

I’ve been playing the travel game, collecting miles and points, for well over a decade now.  While it’s gotten harder to find all the perfect flights, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.  I’ve been planning a family trip this summer to Italy and it came together to include some pretty special elements for my family and I.  As the final pieces came into place this weekend I thought I would share the story.  Parts of this are special just for our family or for an airline geek like […]

I Want To Go To The Country Of New York

In today’s environment of increased security, longer lines and full planes, travel can be an adventure.  Smart travelers find ways to make sure the adventure comes when you plan it as opposed to random road blocks along the way.  Two of the best ways to guarantee a positive airport experience are Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. TSA Pre-Check is a program in the domestic US that allows for expedited security screening.  Due to recent expansion, you can find it at most sizable airports in the US.  You can qualify for […]

American Airlines Makes It Easier To Figure Out How To Use Your Miles

The most common complaint I get from people is, “I can never find a way to use my miles.”  I view this as a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think most people have an unrealistic opinion of how easy it will be to use those hard-earned miles.  The common request I get involves a very popular destination during peak season for that destination (oh, and usually a bunch of seats). That just doesn’t make sense for the airlines.  So, you have to get a bit creative.  Maybe a bit of flexibility in […]