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American Airlines Mini Shopping Mall Bonus

The American Airlines shopping mall continues the trend of smaller back-to-school bonuses with a 1,000 mile bonus for $200 in purchases in the next week. The timing is a very narrow window.  You only have until August 25th to spend $200.  But, it’s really not that hard to spend $200 on every day purchases when you consider the hundreds of merchants on the shopping portals. Taking advantage of this offer and the other small United Airlines MileagePlus offer out recently would net you an extra 3,000 miles.  That doesn’t sound […]

A Bit Of Old News: Office Depot Bad, Staples Good For Gift Card Purchases With Ink Bold Card

There’s been a lot written by travel bloggers about buying gift cards at office supply stores to earn lots of points.  I’ve been involved with it for a while myself, though not to the extreme of some.  I know I’m supposed to get a Bluebird card and pump it up with Vanilla Reloads.  Heck, View From The Wing pretty much demands it of me, daring me to prove him wrong.  And, he’s right.  But, I’m lucky enough to earn a ton of points through my work expenses and I’m just […]

Office Depot’s New Gift Card Lineup Makes It A Bit Easier To Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Amazon Purchases

The game of collecting miles and points has, like most things in life, easy parts and hard parts.  For people just getting started, I like to advise them to focus on the low hanging fruit.  For me, that’s usually cards like Chase Sapphire and Ink Bold. One of the benefits I enjoy the most with Ink Bold is the 5 points per dollar you earn on all office supply purchases.  Because of the exceptional variety of gift cards available at your local Staples, Office Depot or Office Max, you can […]

It’s Lowe’s This Week. 6 Miles Per Dollar Spent!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaways for a Bubble Bum and 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Last week, the best offer for home improvement purchases was at Home Depot.  This week it’s at Lowe’s.  Through April 20th earn 6 miles per dollar on all your Lowe’s purchases: As I mentioned last week, offers like this are generally good with in-store pickups.  So, if you find yourself in a store doing some appliance shopping, find the best deal and then make sure you login to a shopping portal to buy before you […]

Home Depot Purchases Earn 6 Miles/$ Through April 13th

Just another page in the book about making sure you’re earning maximum points for all those everyday purchases.  The AAdvantage eShopping portal is offering 6 miles per dollar spent at HomeDepot.com through April 13th.   I had thought that Lowe’s was offering 6 miles per dollar as well (as indicated here by Mommy Points), but that may just have been a temporary offer. So, unless you’re using the stackable Chase Freedom bonus that Mommy Points refers to, this appears to be the best payout on purchases for around the house […]