Hertz Platinum

Hertz Platinum And TSA Pre-Check Save The Day

Some days, everything comes together exactly the way you need it to.  But, to even have that chance you need the right tools.  I had to use two of mine this week to make a flight I was running very late for. Hertz Platinum is one of those services I’ve really grown to love over the last few years.  Most of the benefits are unpublished, but essentially you get tons of special treatment.  Most stations give decent upgrades without asking, and I’ve never been turned down for a specific request.  […]

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: Is It Worth Accumulating Points?

I’ve been a Hertz guy for a number of years now, and pretty much 100% Hertz since getting Hertz Platinum (their quasi-unpublished level with pretty cool benefits) a few years ago. For the longest time, I credited my rentals to Southwest.  Under the old Southwest program, they used to perpetually offer double credits and sometimes as much as quadruple credits for rental.  At quadruple, it didn’t take long to accrue free tickets (8 rentals, iirc). At some point in the past X months, Hertz started to focus on their rewards […]