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Now Boarding: Keri Anderson, Heels First Travel!

Work and life have me running behind as usual.  While we published podcast episodes the last few weeks, I neglected to post about them here. So, you might have missed Keri Anderson as my guest on the NowBoarding Podcast. Keri and I have been friends for a number of years, but I still learned a few new things from sitting down with her.  She started out traveling when she was in college, traveling internationally on a tight budget, hopping from hostel to hostel. But, when did she really get bitten […]

New ANA Award Chart, Delta’s New “Sale”, And Insight Into Google Flights. Travel News I Missed Last Week

It was a crazy week of travel for me, so I got fairly far behind on my blog reading.  Here’s a few of the key posts I missed from around the world of travel this week. Google Flights is answering any and all questions.  I’ll be interested to see how deep they go, and I applaud them for doing it.  I was nervous when they took over ITA Matrix a few years ago, my favorite travel tool.  Results-oriented, I was right, but I wish I was wrong.  There have been lots of […]

Why I Love US Airways’ Upgrade Procedure

Let’s just get one thing clear.  I don’t love the US Airways domestic upgrade procedure.  Not even close.  But, as part of my domestic upgrade showdown between American Airlines and US Airways, I invited Jeanne of Heels First Travel to spell out why she thinks the US Airways upgrade procedure is the winner.  She came up with the title.  Poor girl has a convoluted definition of love. As part of the showdown, we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one Heels First Travel reader who comments on their […]

Would You Trade In An Awesome International Trip For Power Tools? Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Jeanne from Heels First Travel has gone stark raving mad and wants a circular saw instead of traveling the world.  Please save her. United is offering 1,000 bonus miles if you spend $250 at their shopping portal over the next 10 days. Free flights to Beijing!  All you have to do is originate in North Korea. The Wandering Aramean spells out how Delta and American Airlines may be screwing you on fares. You can get a free $15 Amazon gift card with the purchase of $50 worth of household essentials.  Most people […]