Happy Hour

DC Area Frequent Traveler Meetup! August 24th, Crystal City #GEEKYPIZZA

I love answering e-mails from readers. LOVE it. I really enjoy helping folks with their travel because I usually learn along the way. But, I like to brainstorm, something that’s harder to do via e-mail. And, I’m Italian, so I talk with my hands (something else quite difficult to do while typing an e-mail). That’s why I enjoy picking up the phone or sitting down with someone to just have a good old-fashioned conversation. I hope you’ll join us!

Happy Hour Wednesday, September 17th at Vapiano in Reston

I’ll be answering questions from 5pm to 7pm (and possibly enjoying a refreshing beverage) at Vapiano in Reston Town Center on Wednesday, September 17th. Leave a comment here to RSVP.  10 to 15 is a manageable size to have enough time to share thoughts as a group, so if I get more than that I’ll draw straws. Your first drink is on me, unless they have Louis Trey!

I’m Grounded! Can I Buy You A Drink?

Due to some minor elbow surgery, I’m not allowed to get on an airplane for 4 weeks.  That’s probably more blessing than curse, since I’m really enjoying time home with the family.  It’s also the longest stretch I’ve been home in roughly 4 years.  Yikes! The curse part is that I’m only allowed to type 10-15 minutes a day for the next few days and then maybe another 15 minutes next week and so on an so forth.  Double Yikes! At any rate, I enjoyed the first Pizza in Motion […]

Recapping The First Pizza In Motion Happy Hour

What do you get when you mix a bathtub-sized glass filled with something green, pizza and travel geeks?  My first happy hour event for blog readers, held at Generous George’s in Herndon, VA.   No, I have no idea what was actually in the green bathtub.  20 or so of my readers and their family got together for some pizza.  The kids got to make their own pizza while the adults traded travel tips.   I enjoyed getting a chance to meet some of my readers and answer some questions, […]