I’m Grounded! Can I Buy You A Drink?

Due to some minor elbow surgery, I’m not allowed to get on an airplane for 4 weeks.  That’s probably more blessing than curse, since I’m really enjoying time home with the family.  It’s also the longest stretch I’ve been home in roughly 4 years.  Yikes!

The curse part is that I’m only allowed to type 10-15 minutes a day for the next few days and then maybe another 15 minutes next week and so on an so forth.  Double Yikes!

At any rate, I enjoyed the first Pizza in Motion Happy Hour I hosted a few months ago and am ready to do an adult version.

I’m thinking of next week (the week of September 8th) for folks who live in or are visiting the DC area.  While I live out in the boonies, I’m proposing Reston, VA as the location. There’s now a functioning Metro stop there for those that need mass transit.  I’ll find a bar nearby to host. You just suggest the date and I’ll make a final decision.

We had over 20 folks at the last happy hour and that was a bit much, though that may have been because we were chasing some kids around.  I’m thinking 15-ish is a good number, so the first 15 or so to respond and confirm will get their first drink paid for by me.

Nothing formal, just drinks and travel talk/advice.  Happy to answer any questions in person.

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  1. I AM definitely interested and live/work/play in Reston. Thank you for consideration. Actually, nothing (bar/restaurant wise) within reasonable walking distance of Wiehle Metro station, yet; just the McTacoHut complex. Reston Town Center is a short bus connection away. I organized a DC Travel Massive (western burb edition) in June at World of Beer there.

    1. Yeah, I know there’s nothing walkable but figured we could organize someone to fetch people from Wiehle if necessary.

  2. Sorry to hear about the reason that made you think of doing this (all the best for a quick recovery) but meeting-up would be great. Any evening next week would work but perhaps places seem to have more space earlier in the week?

  3. I would love to join you. Very much enjoyed the first one! Saturday or Sunday would be best for me, but I might be able to make it during the week also. Hope you are fully recovered soon!

  4. Tried the Silver Line for the first time today . Count me in!


    And look forward to meeting you at BACon.

  5. My wife, son, and I took part in the pizza night you hosted and had a great time. I’m local and would love to attend another event.

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