Lonely Planet’s “Not For Parents” Series Makes Travel Planning Fun For Kids

It’s a digital world, for sure.  But I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to books.  I like a newspaper to flip through in the morning and my adventure planning begins when I crack open the cover of a Fodor’s book for the destination I’m traveling to.  I spend plenty of time online researching my destination as well, but a book is a part of my planning. In order to get my daughter interested in a trip I’ll usually flip through the book and find activities she’ll enjoy and read […]

Google Changes Their Mind, Frommer’s Books On Their Way Back

Thanks to one of my readers, Charlie, for pointing out this article. Google has given the Frommer’s name and publishing rights back to Arthur Frommer, creator of the brand. Arthur Frommer has confirmed he will begin printing the books and publishing e-books again. The article isn’t quite clear on the ultimate resolution here. In one place it states that Google is licensing TO Frommer’s and then later says it is licensing FROM Frommer’s. Both could be true. Google could be licensing the name back to Arthur. They could also have […]

For Real? Google To Discontinue Printed Frommer’s Guides. Guess I Should Have Seen That Coming.

I’m sure this is not big news for some travelers, but my first reaction was, “Well, that kinda sucks.”  I read about this first on the Open Suitcase, and was really a bit surprised.  Sure, print media is dying.  But, I had to figure there was still a market for these books.  It’s expensive to walk around a foreign country using the internet to pull down this type of information.  And, while that may not always be the case, it’s still going to be that way for a while yet. […]