Flight Attendants Union

Different Directions For Unions At American Airlines

I continue to read about developments each day in the continuing sage of union negotiations at multiple levels within American Airlines.  The last time I wrote about the unions, the pilots union was still negotiating and the flight attendants had just narrowly voted down a contract. As usual, Terry Maxon has the scoop.  The pilot’s union and American Airlines have both agreed to keep negotiating in the wake of passing their second deadline.  Both sides agree they want to keep talking instead of moving to arbitration, even though management has […]

Labor Peace Remains Just Out Of Reach For The New American Airlines

Labor peace remains elusive at the new American Airlines, though relations between unions and management for appear to be as bad as they’ve been previously. It wasn’t long ago that Doug Parker, then CEO of US Airways, was working out deals with union members of both airlines, promising generous pay raises. Agreements are signed, a merger consummated, and some believed there might be a period of harmony between labor and management.  I was skeptical. The lines began fraying a while ago, and the gaps have been getting incrementally wider. The pilots […]