Tools & Tricks: Testing Out The New Expert Flyer iPhone App

Navigating the world of points and miles is a complicated journey.  Every talented frequent traveler has a list of tools they use to help find the perfect flights.  I don’t pretend to be the preeminent expert on travel tools.  I have a basket I use consistently that have served me well over the years.  I’m a bit stuck in my ways but I’m always willing to look at a new tool. Expert Flyer is one of those tools I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.  And, while […]

Milepoint Premium Now Available!

A little over a year ago I was involved in starting up a community for frequent travelers.  It’s a labor of love for me, since I spend a decent amount of time helping family and friends get more out of their travel. Milepoint is now offering a premium membership that I think is a pretty darn good value.  Yes, I’m biased, but I still think it’s a pretty impressive list of benefits.  If you just take the benefits of Platinum status with Hyatt, that includes free internet, a 2pm late […]