Etihad Airways

The BEST Deal I’ve Ever Seen On Inflight Internet! Unlimited Usage For 1 Month For $6

Deals that are too good to be true are less frequent nowadays. But, this one seems legit. An unbelievable price on unlimited inflight internet.

Middle East Airline Carriers and Amazon Taking Over The World. Friday Travel Tidbits.

Are the Middle East carriers taking over the travel world? Scott McCartney has an interesting article about the aggressive tactics Emirates, et al are employing to grow share from the US to destinations abroad. HT: Loyalty Lobby Quoting from the article: They are winning over customers with service reminiscent of the early days of flying. That means hot towels in economy, plus amenities like onboard showers in first class and a bar in business class. Etihad has flight attendants trained as flying nannies who entertain children from first class, business and […]

Dubai Air Show Yielding Tons of Boeing 777X Orders From Middle East Carriers

The Middle East carriers are pumping up the order books early for Boeing’s new 777X.  First, there was the news of an order from Etihad for 25 777X aircraft.  And, for good measure they tacked on another 30 787s.  The retail value on that order is just North of $25 billion, though Etihad likely got a pretty significant discount. Not to be outdone, Emirates decided to purchase 150 777X planes, at a retail value of $76 billion. Qatar Airways decided to jump in for 50 777X aircraft as well.  There […]