Emergency landing

Yes, It’s Still Safe To Fly Southwest. Even If The Internet Would Tell You Differently

Southwest has been in the news with two scary incidents recently. First, an engine failure lead to a fatality. Today, a window cracked on a flight. Today’s flight landed safely without further incident. Neither of these incidents is a direct indicator that Southwest is unsafe.

Another Quick 787 Update: ANA And Japan Airlines Ground Their Fleets

Hat tip to Wandering Aramean.  I saw his post about 15 minutes after my post detailing the emergency landing earlier today in Japan. Here’s a link to a Chicago Tribune story.  It doesn’t contain a whole lot of new information from my previous post.  There was a warning on a short flight earlier today in Japan involving the same type of battery that led to a fire on a JAL 787 last week.  There were reports of an odor of smoke onboard, and the plane landed shortly thereafter without further […]

An In-Flight Medical Emergency Turns Into A (Second) Unintended Delay

Up until now, I’ve only had one emergency landing.  I’ve had a couple of diversions that ended up not amounting to much, and one issue of “warm brakes“.  That’s probably within the margin of error for the number of times I should have experienced a diversion. Unfortunately, we had a passenger get ill on my United Airlines flight from Seattle to IAD yesterday.  She had all the symptoms of a heart attack and the crew did a great job stabilizing her.  We diverted about an hour or so into the […]