Dividend Miles

An Unexpected Side Effect For Me From The Merger of AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Has Me Thinking Of The Darkest Day In My Aviation History

There were lots of moving pieces when American Airlines and US Airways combined the two loyalty programs recently.  I heard from plenty of folks who had no problem at all and a few that had glitches to deal with. I had zero issues during the process. All my miles moved over from US Airways just fine. But, I did have one oddity arise. If you login to your AAdvantage account, you’ll see a date listed which signifies when you joined the program.  I’ve been a member of the program for […]

FAA To Issue Single Operating Certificate To American Airlines Next Month

American Airlines looks set to receive a single operating certificate from the FAA in just a couple of weeks.  This comes after they announced yesterday that the loyalty programs will combine to one this coming Saturday, March 28th. This is good news for the carrier though it doesn’t mean they’ll begin operating as one airline.  They are running ahead of schedule according to their earlier public reports.  This Frequent Business Traveler article details the announcement and what’s due to come next: The airline will still have a lot of work […]

AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Scheduled To Combine This Weekend

Things are starting to really move along with the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, and now some of the bigger starting to come together. Here are the high-level details you need to know now: 11:59pm on March 25th is your last chance to ticket US Airways awards prior to the merge of the two programs.  There are a few sweet spots in the US Airways program that you might want to take advantage of.  Even held reservations will need to be ticketed prior to the deadline or they’ll […]

American Airlines to Combine AAdvantage and Dividend Miles In 30 Days

American Airlines is sending out some more news about the upcoming transition to one loyalty program.  They had originally predicted that the transition would happen in the 2nd quarter of 2015, and that appears likely.  Today’s announcement says this transition is less than 30 days away, which I view as a good thing. So, what else is happening with this change? All Dividend Miles accounts that have been linked will have their balances transferred to the corresponding AAdvantage account. Elite-qualifying miles from 2014 will be combined to determine your 2015 […]

I’m Still Executive Platinum. Are You?

I’ve been traveling overseas the past week, so I hadn’t gotten around to checking my status level with American Airlines.  I had written recently that I was pretty sure I’d wake up the first day of March and not be Executive Platinum for the first time in 6 or 7 years.  While American Airlines is in the middle of their merger with US Airways, they’ve been tackling the integration in many small phases. There were a handful of changes to be enacted on March 1st, including some tweaks to the domestic complimentary upgrade process.  On […]

Is This The New Best Price For Buying American Airlines Miles?

For those that follow closely, the most recent sale of miles announced my American Airlines likely won’t excite.   As they’ve changed the interface used for “Buy Miles” transactions, I actually needed to key in credit card information and get to a final review screen to get the final price: That works out to just over 2 cents per mile (2.07 cents).  That’s not the lowest we’ve seen US Airways miles recently (last year they were 1.8 cents), but it’s one of the lower prices I can recall American Airlines […]

More US Airways Award Inventory Available For American Airlines Customers

View From The Wing notes this afternoon that standard award availability is now showing up on both American Airlines and US Airways’ websites for award booking using miles from either airline. Some people reading this just said, “Why would I want to book a standard award?  Those prices are horrible.” Yes, they can be.  But, here’s an example where it would make a big difference for me.  Late last year I was attempting to book a trip to Europe this year.  I was trying to avoid fuel surcharges which meant focusing […]

It’s Time To Link Your American Airlines And US Airways Accounts

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways continues to move forward in bits and pieces without much in the way of technical glitches thus far, a good sign for members of both programs.  We’re starting to get to some of the more complicated items and it’s time to do your part to ensure your miles are handled properly. View From The Wing announced last night that American Airlines and US Airways would begin the process of matching up your accounts in the respective programs today.  And the process is […]

American Airlines Changes: Should I Risk My EXP Status?

I was pretty pumped when American Airlines made an announcement earlier this week about their 2015 program.  In case you missed it, you can see my post about it here.  A quick summary: Domestic upgrades stay mostly the same for American elites, with the exception that upgrades on flights less than 500 miles are now free. The American Airlines program will maintain 3 levels (Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum) with virtually the same qualifications as before, with the exception of needing 120 segments to get to Executive Platinum. No changes to […]

American Announcement About New Program Details Make Me Excited And Relieved!

American Airlines made a bunch of announcements today about what to expect from them in 2014 from a loyalty standpoint.  A lot of it has me excited! I first learned about it this morning on View From The Wing, where it appears Gary spoke to Suzanne Rubin ahead of the announcement to get the inside scoop. They also have a pretty comprehensive list of changes (and, more importantly, non-changes) listed on their website.  Let’s breakdown the announcement. First, what’s staying the same? The AAdvantage program will continue to have 3 […]