Dividend Miles Storefront

Don’t Go Back To School With Acne

No, spammers didn’t get control of my blog. I just thought this was an “interesting” choice for the title of a US Airways Dividend Miles shopping offer I got today.  Well, technically it was “Clear Skin for Back to School”. And, I’m sure that’s important, especially for students without clear skin: Pencils, pens, notebooks?  Nope.  Clear skin. In fairness, they do feature 1 mile per dollar on Staples purchases.  Which is only 2 miles a dollar worse than the current AAdvantage offer.  

US Airways Shopping Portal Offering Up To 100% Bonus Miles

US Airways is out with an interesting offer this morning.  Through June 23, 2013 they are offering up to 100% bonus on miles earned through various US Airways partners.  This is no Grand Slam promotion (the mother of all US Airways promotion) but frequent patrons of the Dividend Miles Storefront and their dining program will find decent value.   The key here is total number of transactions during the period.  1 transaction gets you a 25% bonus while 10 transactions will get you 100% bonus miles on all your purchases. […]