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Terry Maxon’s Classic 3 Idle Thoughts

This is a bit of inside baseball, thus likely won’t be amusing to everyone.  Terry Maxon has covered the aviation beat for the Dallas Morning News for as long as I can recall.  He’s uber-informed on all things aviation and even got a shout-out in a recent American Airlines earnings conference call when Doug Parker tried to come up with his own 3 idle thoughts.  My favorite from Doug’s list was his #2, as reported by Ted Reed in Forbes, another airline beat guy: “This ‘idle thoughts’ thing is a […]

American Airlines In The News: Positive News At JFK From Selling Slots Elsewhere, Possible Labor Trouble At American Eagle

A couple bits of news regarding American Airlines: As part of the requirement that the New American divest slots at Reagan, American worked out a deal to sell a chunk of slots to JetBlue.  While not significant, that deal gives them ownership over 24 slots they were previously leasing from JetBlue at JFK.  I don’t think this means any ramp-up at JFK for American but it’s a good plus after having to sell a bunch of slots off at Reagan and elsewhere. The union leaders for the wholly-owned subsidiary American […]

American And US Airways Get The Day They Want In Court

It’s been a bit of back and forth between DOJ and American Airlines/US Airways in relation to the lawsuit DOJ filed to block their merger.  The airlines wanted to start in November while the DOJ wanted to start the trial in February (but was willing to compromise for the sake of the judge’s schedule and move to March). The judge ruled today in favor of the airlines and a November start date.  I saw it first on View From the Wing, and then went digging for more info.  Terry Maxon […]