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I’m Actually Pretty Excited About My Frontier Status Match

How Is He Balancing That Credit Card On His Nose???

After almost 9 months of no air travel and no plans to get on a plane anytime soon, the moments where I’m truly excited about travel have been few and far between.  In fact, most this year have involved renting RVs and ultimately buying an RV and a pickup truck (more on that in future stories).  You might find it odd for me to be talking about a Frontier Airlines status match, especially since I’m normally on one of the big 3 domestic carriers. Frontier Airlines is actually an airline […]

Why An Airline Boarding Flights Early Isn’t A Good Thing

Crowded Walk Through London Heathrow

Nobody really wants a delayed flight.  We all have places to be, and it’s important we get there on time.  That’s what the airlines promise, despite countless roadblocks to achieving that goal.  Boarding flights early when they’re so full can be a huge help, but it can also be the wrong answer. I was flying on American Airlines recently and ended up in a conversation with the passenger beside me. I had arrived at the gate about 45 minutes prior to departure because I was hoping to grab a seat […]