Briggs & Riley Torq

Andaz Tokyo Grand Opening, Earn A Free Airline Ticket To Vegas And Creepy Travel Stuff. Things I Find Interesting On Saturday, June 14th 2014

Don’t forget to help a fellow traveler win a brand new suitcase and get your own chance to win $50.  There are 3 nominees all within range of winning the suitcase and they need your vote!  Each time you vote and comment you get a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Catching up on a day away dealing with flooding in my backyard, here’s what I found interesting in the world of travel: The Andaz Tokyo has opened their doors and Tokyo Hyatt Fan on Milepoint has an […]

Briggs & Riley TORQ Giveaway! Win A Suitcase You’ll Never Have To Replace And Some Cash To Fill It.

I think a lot of travelers view their suitcase like an appliance.  They want the color of the toaster to match the rest of their kitchen but they don’t really invest any time in figuring out what the warranty is or how well it toasts.  Or, they don’t care what the outside looks like at all and they go buy the cheapest toaster that will, well, make toast. I was lucky to learn this isn’t the case fairly early in my travels.  A number of years ago I started researching […]

There’s Still Time To Vote For Your Favorite Suitcase (And Win $50)

Voting is steaming right along for my Briggs & Riley Torq suitcase giveaway.  It’s an awesome suitcase and it looks like all 7 of our finalists are doing a good job stumping for votes.  There’s still a chance to win the Amazon $50 gift card by voting as well. Right now, Ryan’s suitcase is out in the lead but the next 3 finalists (Alice’s broken wheel, Mike’s wife and Graham’s leather suitcases) are still well within striking distance and everyone still has a shot to take home that great new […]

May The Best/Worst Suitcase Win! Let The Voting Begin!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their suitcase for the Briggs & Riley Torq giveaway.  There were a ton of great entries and it was very hard to choose the finalists.  Here’s a quick breakdown on how I’m going to give away the suitcase (and don’t forget, your vote can also win you a $50 Amazon gift card): The pictures of the finalist’s suitcases will be listed below with a brief description and a number. The suitcase entry that gets the most votes between now and 11:59 pm […]