Award Chart Changes

My Opinion On The Recent United Award Changes

United is sending out lots of small waves right now instead of a huge boat rocking set of changes. The problem is they affect pretty much everyone, and those little waves add up to big disappointment.

Quick Update On The Hyatt Category Changes

Don’t forget to enter my Sterling Silver Starbucks card giveaway. Now that I’m not on a train anymore, I took a few minutes to go over the Hyatt Gold Passport award category changes we learned about earlier this evening. First, a full list of the properties going up in category: First of all, I actually stayed at Excalibur, though I haven’t reviewed it yet.  It’s a bit scary to me that it’s moving up to a category 3, requiring 12,000 points a night.  Grand Hyatt Sao Paolo is probably under-priced, […]

Recapping The American Airlines Changes From This Week

American adopted a similar strategy to United and Delta this week, adopting changes that make it more expensive for customers to redeem awards. They did it without notice, and matched their competitors by reducing the number of free checked bags an elite member receives.

American Airlines Quietly Makes Pretty Noticeable Changes To Their Award Chart

Only a few months into Doug running the combined airline, American is raising a bunch of prices for awards. Some things are staying the same or getting easier/cheaper, but there’s a lot of unpleasant stuff here. On quick glance, I don’t think it’s tragic, but it’s definitely not good.