Is a 360 MPH Train In America’s Future?

High speed rail has long been a frustrating discussion in the United States.  The only true example of high-speed rail currently operating in the US is the Amtrak Acela line, which runs between Washington DC and Boston.  I’ve ridden it a number of times and it’s a clean, comfortable way to get from DC to downtown NY and vice versa. The NY Times is reporting about a group trying to bring a new high-speed option to the Northeast Corridor.  It’s called a maglev train (for magnetic elevation) and tops out […]

Diversify Your Points And Your Planning For A Winning Vacation Strategy

Diversification is important for many facets of our lives. In travel, having different types of miles and points available is key. WIth the increased availability of one-way award flights over the last five years, mixing and matching is the best way to make your dream trip happen. Here’s a quick look at some examples of a diversified vacation.

How Many More Folks Are Using Electronic Devices On Planes Now That You Can Use Them From Gate to Gate?

According to this article, virtually none. The study, by DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, found 35.9% of airline passengers were using mobile technology at a given point during the four-month study. That was only slightly more than the 35.3% of fliers who were tapping into their mobile devices at observed points in 2013, during a period before the Federal Aviation Administration began allowing passengers to use electronic devices to play games, listen to music or read from takeoff to landing. That new rule went into effect on Oct. […]

Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Amtrak May Be Harder Than It Seems

One of the biggest benefits of Chase Ultimate Rewards points are their flexibility.  Transfers to most partners happen instantly and you can transfer in increments of 1,000 points, giving you the ability to top off accounts to achieve your next redemption. I usually focus on airline mile transfers for my Ultimate Rewards stash.  I’ve never actually transferred them to a hotel program though I’ve considered it.  I manage to generate enough hotel points from my travel and credit card spend with Hyatt and SPG.  It was an odd set of circumstances […]

Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, October 27th 2013

What do you do in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language and it’s time to hop in a cab?  View From The Wing has some good advice.  I especially like the part about making sure you get your suitcases out of the car before you start arguing.  For those that have concerns about speaking a foreign language, you might consider downloading the Verbalize It app.  This is a company we considered investing in.  Though we ultimately ended up passing, they have an interesting product where you can […]