Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, October 27th 2013

  • What do you do in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language and it’s time to hop in a cab?  View From The Wing has some good advice.  I especially like the part about making sure you get your suitcases out of the car before you start arguing.  For those that have concerns about speaking a foreign language, you might consider downloading the Verbalize It app.  This is a company we considered investing in.  Though we ultimately ended up passing, they have an interesting product where you can use Skype to get a live language translator for a nominal fee on demand while you’re traveling.  I would have liked this option when I traveled to Tokyo and didn’t know a stitch of Japanese.
  • Can’t make this stuff up.  This weekend, when we “fall back” for Daylight Savings Time, Amtrak trains will literally stop.  For one hour.  Lucky asks the right question (or at least the article he references does).  Why don’t airplanes just stop for an hour on redeye flights to accommodate this?  Makes perfect sense.
  • Mommy Points lays out some great tips on how to deal with a delay when traveling with your family.  I think one of the most important tips she discusses is knowing your options.  I generally keep an eye on alternate schedules whenever I fly.  By being aware of my options, I was able to change flights with 2 minutes to spare in Denver this week when I took a 3-hour delay on one of my connections.
  • On my last few trips, the line at TSA PreCheck has moved a bit slower.  The TSA is rolling out a new procedure where they let some non-PreCheck folks into the PreCheck lines to speed up the regular lines.  I’m generally okay with this but I really wish they would be a bit more selective (look for business folks in the elite lines) and more supportive (have an agent there explaining what people can and can’t do in PreCheck).  gregm on Milepoint voices my same concerns, though maybe a bit more vociferously than me.  I do think that having someone there reminding folks they don’t need to take off shoes and belts and can leave liquids in their bags would help educate folks and move everyone through the line quicker.

I hope wherever your travels take you it’s a safe and happy week!



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