American Eagle

Different Directions For Unions At American Airlines

I continue to read about developments each day in the continuing sage of union negotiations at multiple levels within American Airlines.  The last time I wrote about the unions, the pilots union was still negotiating and the flight attendants had just narrowly voted down a contract. As usual, Terry Maxon has the scoop.  The pilot’s union and American Airlines have both agreed to keep negotiating in the wake of passing their second deadline.  Both sides agree they want to keep talking instead of moving to arbitration, even though management has […]

Where Is American Airlines Placing Its New Regional Jets? Republic Says Not With Them

Confusion About American Eagle’s Future? It wasn’t long ago that American Eagle pilots rejected a new contract from management that would have seen more concessions but likely more jobs.  American had agreed to purchase 60 larger Embraer E175 jets.  They had offered to place them with American Eagle in exchange for the contract concessions.  That wasn’t meant to be, and it was speculated that the jets would end up going to Republic Airways, based on the fact that American had been growing the relationship with them. That doesn’t look like […]

American Airlines In The News: Positive News At JFK From Selling Slots Elsewhere, Possible Labor Trouble At American Eagle

A couple bits of news regarding American Airlines: As part of the requirement that the New American divest slots at Reagan, American worked out a deal to sell a chunk of slots to JetBlue.  While not significant, that deal gives them ownership over 24 slots they were previously leasing from JetBlue at JFK.  I don’t think this means any ramp-up at JFK for American but it’s a good plus after having to sell a bunch of slots off at Reagan and elsewhere. The union leaders for the wholly-owned subsidiary American […]

Stalled Again With AA Pilots

There’s been plenty of press over the last few months about possible progress between the pilot’s union and American Airlines.  At times the pilots have seemed delusional but recent reports seemed to indicate things were moving closer. Oddly, it seems we may be all the way back at the beginning now.  Recent reports indicate the talks have stalled over the same two issues that have existed for quite some time, pay and the ability for AA to outsource regional jet routes to third parties. The article is entitled “American Airlines, […]