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US Airways’ Pilots Play The “No Fair, Me Too” Card In The Merger Game

Meant to post this earlier, but the day got away from me.  US Airways has been at war with it’s pilots for waaay too long (7 years-ish, to be exact). There have been a number of contract proposals, but no new contract since the merger between US Airways and America West. Fast forward 6 and a half years, and US Airways bought some unsecured American Airlines debt so they could be involved in some of the creditor hearings.  I thought that was a bit of a stretch, but if they […]

American Airlines Pilot’s Union Sends Contract For A Vote

Sorry for the break in blogging over the last few days.  StarMegaDO4 has been occupying all my time.  I’ll be posting more about that over the weekend and next week, but I wanted to post a quick update about the current state of negotiations between American Airlines and it’s pilot’s union. The union has officially sent the contract to all it’s members.  Normally, you would say that means the agreement will get ratified.  But, the last time the union sent an agreement out for a vote the members rejected it.  […]

Stalled Again With AA Pilots

There’s been plenty of press over the last few months about possible progress between the pilot’s union and American Airlines.  At times the pilots have seemed delusional but recent reports seemed to indicate things were moving closer. Oddly, it seems we may be all the way back at the beginning now.  Recent reports indicate the talks have stalled over the same two issues that have existed for quite some time, pay and the ability for AA to outsource regional jet routes to third parties. The article is entitled “American Airlines, […]

American Airlines Makes a Good Faith Effort With The Pilots

I guess it may be a good thing I’m not in charge of American Airlines.  If I ran the airline and a judge had already told me that I could void the pilots contracts, I don’t think I’d be back at the bargaining table with the pilots. And yet, AA is telling the pilots it is going to continue to contribute to the pilot’s retirement accounts.  Now, it’s not in the pension accounts the pilots want, it’s a 401K.  But, 11% of your base pay as a contribution to a […]