MegaDO! The Next Great Adventure In The Air Goes On Sale Today!

The next MegaDO goes on sale in just a few hours.  It features the Star Alliance again, as well as some pretty cool experiences. What’s a MegaDO, you ask?  You can read about some of my previous MegaDO fun here.  And, also here. And, see some awesome and funny pics here. It’s every aviation geek’s dream, and the chance to get on the next Star Alliance MegaDO is today at 1pm EST.  Here’s what you can look forward to if you’re lucky enough to score a ticket: An up close […]

Congress Appears Ready To Kick The Can Down The Road On Key Support Measure For Boeing

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly (at least for this House) in favor of a short-term government funding measure that also included an extension of the charter for the Export-Import Bank until June, 2015. First, a quick primer on the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im, in short).  Here’s a statement directly from their website: The Export-Import Bank of the United States is the official export credit agency of the United States. Our mission is to ensure that U.S. companies — large and small — have access to the financing they need to turn […]

So Much To Catch Up On For Friday, November 8th, 2013

I missed a bunch of stories while I was away at Disney this past week and then headed right back out on the road for work, so I’m still trying to get my faithful readers caught up on the world of travel. But, we look forward to the future first.  American Airlines has been rumored to have an announcement today.  Bloggers have been hypothesizing all kinds of things.  Based on the lawsuit and settlement talks, and in the face of United Airlines’ Black Friday devaluation, I just can’t imagine that […]

Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Did you submit a picture to win a free airline ticket yet? View From The Wing has some news on changes to the Hyatt Visa card.  The card is now free for the first year, which I think is a big plus.  Earlier this year they added double points for restaurants, airline tickets and rental cars, which was also a positive move. On the down side, I think the benefit they added earlier that allowed you to earn credits towards elite status is a bit pricey.  $20K in spend gets […]

News & Notes For Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Some nuggets from the world of travel: Alaska Airways is rolling out boarding from both the front and back doors of their planes at some airports. This is probably a tougher policy to maintain in Seattle with the number of wet days they have overall, but makes sense at airports like San Jose and Long Beach. View From The Wing talks about quintuple dipping with Marriott Rewards. I’m not a Marriott fan myself but good strategies here if you are. Boeing is buying used Airbus planes from customers in order […]

StarMegaDO5! The Awesome Experience For Aviation Enthusiasts Gets Even Better!

Are you an aviation/travel enthusiast?  Have you been on a MegaDO?  If the answers to these questions are yes and no, respectively, what are you waiting for? There’s a ton of information about StarMegaDO5 on Milepoint, but here’s a few quick tidbits: The MegaDO is a brain child of Tommy777 who is crazy and skilled enough to pull off something this nuts. Essentially, Tommy signs a contract with an airline to charter an airplane to fly to interesting places and do cool things.  That means he’s taking on over $100,000 […]

Bombardier Getting Ready To Enter The Narrow-Body Jet Market With CSeries Orders

It’s been just about 2 years now since I was on StarMegaDO3 and we got the chance to go hang out in Montreal with the folks from Bombardier.  If you’re an occasional traveler, you may not have any idea who Bombardier is.  But, if you’ve ever flown on a regional jet (you know, those ones where you kinda have to bend over a bit to walk down the aisles and the seats are a little smaller) then you’ve likely been on a Bombardier plane.  Usually referred to as a CRJ, […]