American Airlines Announces Its Adding The Airbus A350 XWB To Their Fleet

American Airlines announced today on their Facebook page that their adding the Airbus A350 XWB to their fleet.

Adding The Airbus

I was initially surprised by this until I read Terry Maxon’s piece that reminded me US Airways ordered the A350 years ago.

The A350 is pretty similar to the 787 in terms of capacity and range.  To get more specific, American is adding A350-900s, which hold about 35 more passengers than the 787-9 that’s supposed to join American’s fleet.  The 787-9 has the longer range at 8,185 miles versus 7,750 for the A350-9.

Now, neither of these planes flies right now, so these number might not be accurate.  But, since the 787-8 has been flying for a couple years now, I’d suspect their numbers are probably more likely to be accurate than Airbus.

It’s a cool looking plane, but I still subscribe to the Boeing mantra:  “If It’s Not Boeing, I’m Not Going.”

HT: Max M on Milepoint

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