3 idle thoughts

3 Idle Thoughts For Friday

Back to 3 idle thoughts, a la Terry Maxon (scroll to the bottom if you don’t know who Terry is). Is a week going to go by where there isn’t a major terrorist incident? I don’t have to get on a plane for the next two weeks and I’m perfectly comfortable with that. The surface area ratio of peanut butter to chocolate in a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup just isn’t right when compared to the standard-sized peanut butter cup.  Just sayin’. One of the things Terry did each Friday was […]

3 Idle Thoughts For Friday

I’m taking another swing at 3 idle thoughts, mostly because I had fun doing it last week.  It’s a tip of the cap to Terry Maxon, who likely will be sitting on his back porch looking up at an A380 late tonight. One of the things Terry did each Friday was post on his “Airline Biz Blog” 3 random thoughts (“idle thoughts”, as it were).  Sometimes they were travel related, sometimes not.  I recall one about his air conditioning going out in the middle of the hot Dallas summers that kept […]

Terry Maxon’s Classic 3 Idle Thoughts

This is a bit of inside baseball, thus likely won’t be amusing to everyone.  Terry Maxon has covered the aviation beat for the Dallas Morning News for as long as I can recall.  He’s uber-informed on all things aviation and even got a shout-out in a recent American Airlines earnings conference call when Doug Parker tried to come up with his own 3 idle thoughts.  My favorite from Doug’s list was his #2, as reported by Ted Reed in Forbes, another airline beat guy: “This ‘idle thoughts’ thing is a […]