3 Idle Thoughts For Friday

After skipping last week due to Disneyland craziness, I’m back to 3 idle thoughts today.  It’s a tip of the cap to Terry Maxon, who likely will be sitting on his back porch looking up at an A380 late tonight.

One of the things Terry did each Friday was post on his “Airline Biz Blog” 3 random thoughts (“idle thoughts”, as it were).  Sometimes they were travel related, sometimes not.  I recall one about his air conditioning going out in the middle of the hot Dallas summers that kept me chuckling.  But, my favorite was when he compared airline executives to livestock without completely making it into an insult.  I’m betting even the airline execs got some chuckles out of it.

For his final column, he released 30 idle thoughts and I did my best to pick my favorite 3.

To be clear, I’m not Terry Maxon.  I enjoy discussing the aviation industry and learning more about it.  It’s fascinating to me.  But, Terry spent 20 years of his life following aviation.  The sum total of what I know about aviation might fill one of Terry’s shoes.  That being said, I figured it would be fun to try to pay respect to him by coming up with 3 idle thoughts.  On a Friday.

  1.  I believe things will go smoothly for American Airlines tomorrow.  I sincerely hope they will, as a few friends will be pushing hard to get it over the finish line.
  2. I’m still a bit in awe of how things melted down for Laura Glading, the chief ex-chief of AA’s flight attendants’ union.
  3. I flew to California last Wednesday, worked for the day (on the Walt Disney Studios campus), and then proceeded to run my kids through Disneyland for a minimum of 12 hours each day in temperatures that peaked at 105 degrees.  I flew home Sunday, then back to LAX on Monday night for a conference Tuesday.  That conference was at Warner Bros. Studios.  The event was outside.  In the sun. Temperatures were relatively balmy, only touching about 90.  Then, I flew home Wednesday morning.  This is a great way to make yourself feel older than you are.

Where are your travels taking you next?


  1. I like the 3 idle thoughts. I was just thinking of writing a quick article about 3 random travel tips and am inspired. Upcoming trips in the next few days are local. Back to back transcons must have been tough but hope you were upgraded.

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