3 Idle Thoughts For Friday

Back to 3 idle thoughts, a la Terry Maxon (scroll to the bottom if you don’t know who Terry is).

  1. Is a week going to go by where there isn’t a major terrorist incident?
  2. I don’t have to get on a plane for the next two weeks and I’m perfectly comfortable with that.
  3. The surface area ratio of peanut butter to chocolate in a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup just isn’t right when compared to the standard-sized peanut butter cup.  Just sayin’.

One of the things Terry did each Friday was post on his “Airline Biz Blog” 3 random thoughts (“idle thoughts”, as it were).  Sometimes they were travel related, sometimes not.  I recall one about his air conditioning going out in the middle of the hot Dallas summers that kept me chuckling.  But, my favorite was when he compared airline executives to livestock without completely making it into an insult.  I’m betting even the airline execs got some chuckles out of it.

For his final column, he released 30 idle thoughts and I did my best to pick my favorite 3.

To be clear, I’m not Terry Maxon.  I enjoy discussing the aviation industry and learning more about it.  It’s fascinating to me.  But, Terry spent 20 years of his life following aviation.  The sum total of what I know about aviation might fill one of Terry’s shoes.  That being said, I figured it would be fun to try to pay respect to him by coming up with 3 idle thoughts.  On a Friday.


  1. Ed: Suggestion, at most just include a one-line hyperlink at the end of these posts referencing a post where you discuss Terry’s contributions in detail.

    I respect your respect for his contributions, but when your blog post has 68 words of intended content and 198 words explaining the framing, that seems goofy. Terry didn’t exactly come up with an incredible innovation in taking advantage of having a column by having some of the columns be multiple little items that don’t merit a column unto themselves.

      1. If I had counted by hand you should be worried about the obsessiveness. Fortunately for you, I simply used the feature in the GNU Emacs text editor to do the counting for me. (GNU Emacs… the kitchen sink Swiss Army knife of text editors.)

  2. Agree on the PB cups! You have to do the Reese’s eggs, Valentine’s, etc, the ratio is much better. Now I want one but am on a flight (of course)

      1. I see I am probably not alone in raiding stores after the specific holidays for which there are special holiday form factors of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to scoop them up at 50% discount….

      2. Pumpkins??? Never tried them, will see if there are any in the store. Not to make light of addictions, but peanut butter cups have to be in the top 3.

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