A Study of Macarons. Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day

Macarons are a treat our family has become somewhat addicted to. Anyone that’s seen my sweet tooth shouldn’t be surprised. These tasty treats can be found all over Paris. Here’s our thoughts on 3 popular choices.

Climbing The Eiffel Tower. Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day


If someone as out of shape as me can climb the tower, you can do. It’s actually an affordable alternative for a larger family and can save you some time waiting in line for the elevators. If you want to ride the elevator, book early. If you don’t, I have a way to help get you there when you think it’s too late.

American Airlines To Begin Selling Basic Economy And Premium Economy Mid-2016

Remember those days when you chose between coach and first class when you bought an airline ticket? Or, if you’re like most people, walked past first class on your way to the coach seat you purchased? The times are a-changing, with 3 different flavors of “coach” coming to an American Airlines plane near you later this year.