Check Your United Account. United Handing Out Shortcuts To Elite Status

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Edited: Apparently this was announced last year and my addled brain forgot that this was planned for 2023.  Thanks to Bob in the comments for pointing that out.

If you’re an elite flyer with United and haven’t checked your United Mileage Plus account in the past few days it’s worth taking a quick look.  Over the weekend, I received 2,500 PQPs (Premier Qualifying Points) from United.

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This is especially interesting since United announced late last year that they were finally implementing the increased status requirements announced in 2019 and delayed because of the pandemic.

United Mileage Plus Status Shortcut

All United elite members should receive the following PQP bump:

  • Silver: 500 PQPs
  • Gold: 1,000 PQPs
  • Platinum: 1,500 PQPs
  • 1K: 2,500 PQPs

Previously, it had slipped my mind on United offering this headstart for elite status.  The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a smart idea for United to give folks a running start at elite status.  I still think it will cause the elite ranks to stay bloated this year, so maybe not such a great idea for loyal travelers.

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  1. Lifetime Gold. Travel IAD – LGA 3-4 times a month. Missed Platinum by ~1500 PQP’s last year but not trying. I fly what I fly, buy what I want. I take the best flight, stopped chasing status years ago.

    Saw 1,000 PQP head start posted in addition to the 732 point earned on 10 flights so far this year.

  2. This was announced last year, so nothing to do with Q1 earnings or whatever.

    None of this para is correct/makes sense:

    “Did United see lower bookings in the first month of the year than they were expecting? Is that what lead to an unexpected PQP gift for United frequent flyers at various status levels? It’ll probably be a few months until we have a better sense of that when United publishes their Q1 2023 call.“

  3. I have global services with United. They gave 0 PQPs. Not sure if that is because you automatically get 1K if you down’t qualify for GS.

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