LAST DAY? Unlimited Flying For One Year On Frontier For $599

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Of course there are plenty of limitations in the T&C, but Frontier Airlines launched one of the most interesting offers in recent memory this week.  Their GoWild Pass gives you unlimited Frontier flights for one year for the price of $599. The last announced opportunity to purchase the pass is 11:59pm MST on Friday, November 18th.

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What’s The Catch?

Well, there’s more than one.  But, if you fork over $599 for a year of flying, here are some of the major restrictions:

  • You can only book a domestic flight one day ahead of time.
  • You can only book international flights 10 days ahead of time.
  • There are blackout dates.  A bunch of them.

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Why Did I Buy It?

Frontier has some incredibly low fares for routes I fly.  They embrace the low-cost model with ruthless efficiency. That means I can sometimes save hundreds of dollars on flights for work if I book Frontier. But, for business travel, being on time is key. The elimination (at least for now) of most change fees on American, Delta and United is key here.  It’s possible for me to book a business trip ahead of time and if Frontier opens up a flight for a route I need the day prior, I could cancel my ticket on a Big 3 airline and hold the value for later use.

The international component here is intriguing as well.  I’d be disingenuous to say that factored into my decision since I’m pretty sure the 10-day advance booking for international flights didn’t exist when I clicked the button to buy my pass.  Still, a potential BOGO offer for my wife and I to check out one of Frontier’s Caribbean destinations isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Last Chance To Purchase?

Frontier has had other fun opportunities in the past, such as really reasonable offers to purchase a status match. There have been times when those offers have come back around a second time, so I wouldn’t rule out that this is the last time you’ll be able to buy the pass, especially since the pass doesn’t go into effect until May.  I also may or may not have reached out to Frontier and offered to sport a Frontier tattoo and let them use me in a game of man hunt to award free prizes to folks who spot me on one of their flights.  Gotta figure that puts us over the top.

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  1. Usage date is too far in the future. Frontier cheap flights either get one in late on the out bound and coming back around midnight. A more costly daytime flight might take you to Denver, wait for a few hours and then another flight. Alaska Airlines does the same thing.

  2. I look at this special offer up one side, down the other, front and back. My conclusion is it will not work for me for the following reason: 1)The time period I can plan with some certainty is the first 5 months of next year and the special doesn’t start till next May 2) I am tall so I have to get the comfort seats that is an additional cost 3) I guarantee you the fees and taxes will increase in the coming months and I travel with a carryon which is an additional cost, 4) with all the blackout dates, I may only use this airline 2 times at the most and I can find deals with Frontier without paying $600 up front.

    1. Most of my Frontier flights haven’t been to/from IAD. They’re a good point-to-point airline for random routes throughout the year. Plus, I wouldn’t mind driving to DCA if it’s an incredible deal. It’s usually not cheaper for me to fly out of DCA.

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