Beginner’s Guide To Cruises

A cruise can be a great vacation for many different types of travelers.  In the Pizza family, my wife and I enjoy it because it’s the perfect “compromise”.  She prefers getting to our destination and unpacking.  She doesn’t like changing hotels while on vacation.  For me, I don’t care as much whether it’s one hotel or 4, as long as we get to experience all the things I want to cross off our list.  A cruise means she can unpack once and we can see a handful of destinations.

Planning a cruise for a first-timer can be a bit overwhelming.  With all the different kind of cruise linestypes of ships and ports of call it’s easy to get lost in where to start. We’ve got you covered!  This week Kimberly Tate from Stuffed Suitcase and the Vacation Mavens podcast joined me to tackle some of the basics when planning your first cruise.



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