United Takes A Bite Out Of Me And New Award Flights To Tokyo

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Boy, it was a rough week for me on the miles and points front!  United Airlines decided to take 165K miles from my account.  When I called to point out that it was a mistake, United took 15K more miles.  It’s still a developing situation, but you can hear more about it on this week’s episode of the Miles to Go podcast.

You’ll also learn about a promotion MasterCard is running with Airbnb that can save you $25 on a tour or experience on your next vacation.

And, we dive into how all the new flights to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport may help you score your next award flight to Asia.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

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    1. Brenton, most of the value I get from elite status is in fee waivers and exceptions on United. That wouldn’t translate to Copa. I usually end up giving my GPU and RPU away to friends or auction them off for charity.

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