Unicorn! First Class Award Space To Sydney, Australia!

Finding award space to Australia can be challenging.  Business class space is even more rare, though I did manage to find some for a family trip to Australia this summer.  First class space is nearly impossible to find in large quantities.  But, today’s your lucky day.

Spencer from Straight to the Points has an awesome mailing list you need to sign up for.  It’s 100% free an contains some great deals.  He doesn’t spam your inbox.  You’ll probably only see 3 or 4 deals a month.  This week’s is a doozy.  He’s seeing a ton of Qantas first class award space right now.  Here’s a sample:

The Final Two Pennies

This isn’t a deal I would sleep on.  It covers the warmer months, the more desirable time to be there.  Australia’s seasons are the revers of North America, so you’ll want to be there in December if you’re looking for warm weather.

If it interests you, the first thing you need to do is start searching for award space. This availability isn’t likely to last very long.

The second thing you should do is sign up for Spencer’s mailing list.

The last time I was in Sydney it was on a first class award on Qantas, which was delightful.  If you’re planning a trip to Australia, here’s a bunch of resources to help plan the trip:

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