Are The Value Of Miles And Points Vanishing Before Our Eyes?

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It’s a valid question.  Four years ago Delta Air Lines eliminated award charts.  Since then, we’ve also seen American Airlines and United Airlines move to a revenue-based model for earning miles on flights.  Just last month we learned that United Airlines is planning to remove award charts from their website this fall.  There are bread crumbs that American Airlines may be planning a similar change.  Considering the Big 3 airlines move in lock step on such changes, this really wouldn’t be a big shock.

Hawaiian Airlines recently moved to a dynamic award chart.  And, British Airways has changes to their partner award chart coming up, we’re just not quite sure what they look like.

I was invited on the Award Travel 101 podcast recently to talk about all of these developments with Richard Kerr.  It turned into a fun discussion, as most of my chats with him do.  There’s plenty for us to learn to keep ahead of all these changes.

So, we took that audio from Richard’s podcast and we’re releasing it as a bonus episode on Miles to Go.

You can also find it on our website.

And, you should check out the Award Travel 101 podcast. I’m a big fan.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. Being a European, I was always hoping it would go the other way with points and miles, e.i. that it would become more and more widespread, also in Europe. Seeing the development now you mention definitely doesn’t sound good, though.

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