Hilton’s First Promotion Of 2019 Is Actually Worth A Look

Most hotel promotions over the last few years have been pretty uninspiring.  We always want to take advantage of earning extra points when we can.  But, the promotions haven’t been the type that would make you want to switch where you were staying.  As we get started in 2019, Hilton turned my head with their most recent promotion.  We discussed it on my podcast this week, but I wanted to make sure those of you who don’t listen to the podcast (and why don’t you?????) had an idea of what Hilton is offering.

For folks who typically have very short stays, this promotion can work out great for you.  5 one-night stays would generate 20,000 bonus Hilton Honors points.  That’s not quite at the level where I’d personally “hotel hop”, changing hotels on a nightly basis.  But, it is pretty darn rewarding in today’s age of mediocre hotel promotions.  If you’re a business traveler with short stays, this promotion makes a ton of sense for you.  Running through early May, you have a lot of time to take advantage of this.

The Final Two Pennies

As with all hotel promos, you’ll need to register prior to staying to be eligible for the promotion.  Registration will take you 30 seconds.  We always recommend registering for promotions even if you don’t intend on having a Hilton stay in the promotion period.  Plans change, and I’d hate for you to miss out on free points!  The other key element of this promotion is that it’s unlimited.  You can earn the 5 stay/10 night bonus over and over again.

Even though I don’t focus heavily on the Hilton Honors program, I find it very useful to keep a stash of their points.  They have so many properties and the Honors program has come in handy a few times in the past 12 months to save me a bunch of cash.

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