No One Should Ever Have to See This: Rudy Giuliani With His Pants Down in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Restroom

Famous people travel just like you and I do, at times.  Not all famous folks have their own private jet.  Overseas trips via private jet can break many of the biggest budgets.  So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for you to bump into famous people when traveling.

A friend of mine who I’ve known for quite some time had a bit of a brush with celebrity recently, in an odd way.  He walked into the men’s bathroom at the Emirates business class lounge in Milan airport.  He was a bit startled to find Rudy Giuliani staring at the mirror with his pants down around his knees, losing a battle to get his shirt tucked in.  When he finally got the shirt under control, Rudy decided he didn’t need his boarding pass anymore, throwing it on the floor.

Out in the lounge, he could be heard loudly talking on the phone.  Topics included:

  • Congressmen getting indicted and needing legal counsel
  • A 51/49 split for an investigation
  • David Bossie as a potential Chief of Staff for President Trump
  • His advice that a new role of Chief Political Adviser be created in addition to Chief of Staff in the White House.

My friend even sent a picture to verify that it was really Rudy, maybe unnecessary after you see the boarding pass.

The Final Two Pennies

Smart people don’t always make smart decisions.  I would imagine Rudy Giuliani would know there could be sensitive information on his boarding pass.  Especially with the recent Marriott database breach, his information may have been snagged.  Was he one of those who had his passport and birthdate info stolen?  Of course, he could be one of the (likely) millions who hasn’t been notified yet.  I guess he’s not worried about someone scraping information off of his boarding pass.

Airport lounges aren’t the best places for conducting business calls.  Lord knows I’ve been in that position plenty of times.  But, finding a quiet corner may have been a better choice here.

I also wonder if Rudy credited his flights to Emirates’ loyalty program, Skywards?  Or, did he forego miles altogether in the name of national pride?  And, how much did a first class ticket from Dubai to New York set him back?

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  1. So who paid for the first class ticket for him (and I’m assuming his companion) ? The US taxpayer or his security firm or Trump ?

      1. I think he was referring to the fact that Giuliani is rarely mistaken for a smart person… except of course by the “stable genius” – our Idiot in Chief. Also… I now hate you for putting the mental image of Giuliani with his pants down in my head. My brain has projectile vomited inside of my skull, and I have no idea how in the hell I am supposed to get in there to clean it out!

        1. “I now hate you for putting the mental image of…” Just imagine Obama and Reggie Love that should do the trick of getting rid of Rudy!

  2. This post is pretty pathetic and creepy. Writing about people in the bathroom? Really? You liberals don’t care how low you will stoop to smear someone you disagree with. I’m done with this blog.

  3. Thanks for the chuckle! It’s interesting how a lawyer would be so open to be overheard like that. It’s just embarrassing seeing this type of info in print!

  4. It just goes to show you that one should always be cognizant of who could be listening and who could be nearby. In this era of social media, nothing is private. You could be on camera, being record (audio or video), at any given time.

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