Marriott Data Breach: Have You Been Contacted Yet?

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It’s only been about a week since Marriott announced the largest data breach in the travel space that I can recall.  They noted that as many as half a billion (with a B) guests may have been affected.  Even though they’ve known about the breach for a few months, they don’t know how many people it will actually affect.  The number could be much lower if there are duplicate “guests” on the list.  In the time period that the breach affected, I personally had hundreds of SPG stays.  Which is what lead me to today’s question.

Have You Been Contacted About Marriott’s Data Breach?

With literally hundreds of stays during the breach period, I would have expected that my data would be among those compromised.  But, a week later I haven’t received any e-mail communication regarding it from Marriott.  I don’t see a lot of my fellow bloggers piping up with the fact that they were contacted.  Nor do I see a ton of mentions on social media.  Marriott is a hot topic right now, given the hot mess that the program continues to resemble through the integration process.

So, it comes as a bit of a surprise that more people haven’t noted that they got contacted.

Have you heard from Marriott about the data breach?

If you do think you’re affected, Marriott is offering some free identity theft protection.  And, you can also check out my post on other ways to protect yourself.

The Final Two Pennies

Leave a comment or participate in my Twitter poll to let me know if you’ve heard from Marriott as to whether you were affected by the data breach.  Even if you weren’t contacted (but had a Starwood stay from 2014 until now), please weigh in.  This is pretty unscientific, but the more responses we get the better idea we’ll have of how big the breach really is (or just how few customers Marriott has been able to reach).

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    1. I stayed exclusively at SPG properties before the 8/18 merger of the frequent stay programs (still a mess). I’m a Platinum with Ambassador service and have been for three years. I stay over 100 nights a year for past 4 years. No word from Marriott/SPG at all.

      I’m curious about the passport info. I never entered that information on my SPG profile or my reservations. My passport was scanned at checkin at some international properties due to local govt requirements. On subsequent stays at the same hotels when asked for my passport, I indicated that it was submitted on a prior stay and the front desk stated that this information is not retained by the hotel. Therefore I’m confused by the passport info that was accessed on this data breach.

  1. Hundreds of stats, zero contact. (In fact still waiting for responses to support emails sent a month ago. Even if different department, still shows same culture of not caring.)

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