Pinking Up The Place!

In honor of breast cancer awareness, I’ve added a bunch of pink to the blog for the month of October (with the help of graphics guru Denny).  We call it Pinking Up The Place!  Breast cancer treatment has made marked strides in the last decade.  There are many more options available for women.  And, many of those options are less invasive/damaging.

Thousands Are Still Dying From Breast Cancer

It’s expected that over 40,000 women will die from breast cancer in 2018 alone.  That’s still a staggering number for a form of cancer where so much progress has been made.  I have a friend that’s been fighting stage 4 breast cancer for some time now.  There aren’t a ton of options for her, but she continues to fight incredibly hard.

She’s just one story.  Over 200,000 cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2018. 200,000.  That’s roughly the entire population of Salt Lake City, Utah.

There’s a ton of attention paid to breast cancer.  There are countless reputable organizations that raise millions of dollars every year for research, awareness and treatment.  But, we’re still chasing a cure for so many patients.

The Final Two Pennies

Take a moment today and think about how you can help.  Money helps, but it’s not everything.  Maybe you know someone going through treatment?  Bring them dinner, sit with them during a treatment.  Send them a care package if they’re too far to go see.  If you have children, ask them to make a handwritten card and drop it off at a nearby hospital.  Small gestures can go a long way.  The support structure around a cancer patient is so important to their battle.

Be a part of the solution.  Be a part of the fight.  There are plenty of people that will thank you.


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