Now Boarding: Dan Miller,Points With A Crew

How much more authentic can you get than recording a travel podcast while your guest is sitting in an airport terminal, waiting to board a flight to Asia?

That’s where I caught up with Dan Miller when he was my guest on the NowBoarding Podcast.  Each week, the NowBoarding Podcast sits down with a Boarding Area blogger for 30 minutes to dig deeper into their world.  We talk about their travel preferences, favorite (and sometimes least favorite) travel companies and mix in a bit of humor about the crazy world of miles and points that we call home.

Author of the Points With A Crew blog, Dan is a family travel with a big family.  Dan and his wife have a total of six kids!  That means he has to use every trick in the book to take his whole family on vacation.

In Episode number 14 we dig in to how Dan and his family like to travel.  And, Dan shares with us how he and his wife let their kids pick one trip a year where they get to travel alone with one of their parents.  I love this idea!  Hope you enjoy the show!

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