Top 10 Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations & 90% Off Hotels

In Case You Missed It

  • People often assume I get sick a ton from all the traveling I do, but I don’t. Of course the idea is that airplanes are full of germs but maybe not?
  • There was that one time that a ton of readers ripped me a new one as “click bait”, and yes I still stand by my conviction in using that term.
  • If you ever find yourself with five hours at the Grand Canyon, this is the perfect lesson in what to AND what NOT to do.
  • I’ve got a podcast now…you haven’t heard? Tune in today!
  • If you find yourself at IAH and are craving some tasty Asian Fusion…check this new spot out.

This Week’s Best Travel Deals

  • Need to travel to Europe, Africa or the Middle East in the next 30 days? This sale is still on through April 26th with travel through May 15th…
  • Up to 90% off hotels on this popular booking site.
  • A list of what’s shaping up to be 10 cheap summer vacation destinations.
  • Wow – that’s a BIG sale from one of the ME3.

The Best of the Rest

  • Springtime in Europe is the best…if you’re headed to Warsaw, this newly renovated SPG property is one of the best deals with cash & points.
  • Many of you know that I’m more of a donut guy as opposed “healthy, green, organic” stuff, but clearly there’s a market for it for guests of this Miami hotel.
  • An important lesson from last week’s tragic Southwest Airlines accident.
  • We’re made to think that Personal Device Entertainment on airplanes is great and all…but…are they really?
  • Always important to remember “Buyer Beware” when booking on third-party sites…sometimes it can be too good to be true.

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  1. where the heck is the info on the Top 10 Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations & 90% Off Hotels, your links are going in circles with no article with the list.

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