Chase Hyatt Visa Now Offering Savings For Everyday Spend

It looks like the Hyatt Visa card is the newest card to offer cash-back savings to members on everyday spend.  I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised when I saw the news.  Chase offers just ended for the Marriott credit card.  And, long-time stalwart AMEX OPEN died recently as well.  I can’t tell you how much I saved from the AMEX OPEN program over the years.  It’s definitely measured in thousands (not hundreds) of dollars.  So, what do the Hyatt Visa offers have in store for us?

Current Chase Hyatt Visa Offers

You’ll need to register for the portal before you can start earning.  It took me less than a minute to do so.  If you have the Hyatt Visa card, I’d suggest you go do it now so you can be notified of new offers.  If you’re not familiar with how these portals work, they’re pretty straight-forward:

Here are all the offers I was served up when I logged in:

The Final Two Pennies

I’ll definitely use the Lowe’s offer.  That’s an easy $10 in savings I wasn’t otherwise going to see.  There’s one or two others I might consider, but not a ton else I see that I’ll jump on.  This is another example of promotions that Chase and Hyatt continue to roll out that add value to the credit card.  For the past few summers, they’ve run promotions giving a rebate on award stays for credit card holders.  Add that to the free night upon renewal and this credit card continues to offer much more value than the annual fee.

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  1. Ummm, no. Try “small cash bonus for a few targeted retailers” (mostly useless except perhaps for $10 at Lowe’s and stubhub). I guess every $ helps to offset that $75 AF. But not a card for everyday spend. Clickbait?

    1. Boraxo, maybe those other offers are useless to you and I. But, others will likely find them useful. And, saving $10 or $20 I wasn’t expecting to does increase the likelihood I keep a card in my wallet that already pays for itself. Sorry you see that as clickbait.

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