Saying Something Smart (Hopefully) About Travel

Good morning!

I’m pretty sure I’ve been on the road for the last 452 weeks straight, or maybe it just feels like that.  As I was recording the final segment for this week’s podcast, I started thinking.  You may have read my recap of the big Marriott announcement yesterday.  There’s a ton to unpack there, but we’ve got plenty to strategize about.  Here’s what you should be focused on today.

It’s today, not yesterday.  And, there’s tomorrow.  Heavy, right?

Plenty of people are talking about what’s good and bad about the new Marriott program.  I’ll be one of those people giving my two cents when I have enough time to stop, breathe and write a few hundred smart words.

But, as I tried to find something intelligent to say in two minutes about the myriad changes to the Marriott and SPG programs, I chose to focus on today.  And tomorrow.

The old SPG program doesn’t exist anymore.  Technically, it still exists until August.  If you want to travel to awesome places without spending a lot of money, complaining about what they changed won’t help.

Spend today figuring out how to take advantage of what they’ll be offering in August.  Are you loyal to the right hotel company?  What airline are you flying?

Most important of all, do the reasons you started flying that airline or staying with that hotel chain match your goals today?

Heresy Alert

It doesn’t matter what any blogger tells you is the best hotel or airline.   Yes, even me.  What matters is what’s right for you.  We can all help you make better decisions.  But, you need to be the one making the best choices.

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Maybe it’s time to take another look at Wyndham, Hilton or Hyatt.  And, maybe you should stay with Marriott.  You need to answer that question for yourself.  I can help.  Just ask me.

Oh, and if you’re joining us for donuts this morning in Fresno, let’s get to it!

Get Traveling!

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