Earn Free Drinks With Starbucks Bingo!

Starbucks Bingo is back with the opportunity to earn 3 or 4 free drinks.  They run a handful of promotions throughout the year to get customers to spend more money in stores.  Starbucks Bingo is one of the games that I’ve enjoyed playing previously.  It’s pretty straightforward and I usually earned a few free drinks.

Past experience has shown that different people get unique challenges, likely based on their previous behavior.  My board has an interesting mix.  It definitely feels more difficult than previous bingo boards.

Some of them are easier than others.  The center of my card, “Coffee Ranger” involves visiting 5 different stores.  With my business travel that’s easy.  However, a few of my others are much more difficult.

Buying something every day after 12 for 4 days is a tough one as is pairing an iced beverage with a bakery item.  In an effort to lose my impersonation of the Pillsbury dough boy, I generally only eat baked goods if I’m trying a new donut shop.

The last time Starbucks ran the bingo game purchases that you had logged prior to activating your board counted towards your progress.

The Final Two Pennies

Last year’s Starbucks summer game was significantly less inspiring.  That’s hard to do, considering a Starbucks drink is usually less than $5.  However, they managed to make it really difficult to actually earn anything.  Starbucks Bingo in the fall was definitely better.

Starbucks is offering more free stars with this version of bingo.  I definitely think it’s worth checking out what your board looks like.  I can’t say I’ve never gone out-of-the-way for one of these games.  But, I don’t think they change my buying patterns long-term.  At any rate, it’s probably $15 worth of free Starbucks if you can fill up your board.  Can’t complain about that.

What does your Starbucks Bingo board look like?

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  1. Mine seems much easier. 5 stars for each item, 10 bonus stars for a row, 375 if you get the who board.
    Order on the way – Make a purchase* by ordering ahead using a registered Starbucks Card in the Starbucks® app two days in a row.
    On A Roll – Make a purchase* before 12 p.m. and another after 12 p.m. in a single day.
    Coffee Ranger – Make a purchase* at four different participating Starbucks® stores.
    Two for yum – Pair any iced beverage or Frappuccino® blended beverage with any bakery item after 2 p.m. on two separate Fridays.
    Great Morning – Purchase a breakfast sandwich or Sous Vide Egg Bites on two different days.
    Coffee with friends – Purchase three handcrafted beverages in a single order.
    Weekender – Make a purchase* on two separate weekend days (Saturday or Sunday).
    Lunch Break – Purchase any lunch item (salad, sandwich or protein box) after 11 a.m.
    All Day – Make a purchase* before 12 p.m. and another after 12 p.m. in a single day.

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