Double Dip! Earn 1,000 AAdvantage Miles On Hyatt Stays!

Hyatt seems to be looking to up their game as it pertains to promotions.  Just a week ago they announced their first promotion for 2018, Night after Night.  In the current era of weakened hotel promotions, this one was actually better than expected.  It appears Hyatt wasn’t done, though.  They’ve announced another promotion.

Starting now through June 30, 2018 they’ll be offering bonus AAdvantage miles on stays at Hyatt Place and Hyatt House.  You’ll need to register for the promotion.  Here’s what you can expect:

As part of World of Hyatt’s ongoing relationship with American Airlines, members now have multiple earning options for AAdvantage miles when paying an eligible rate during a qualifying stay at Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels for this promotion:

  • If a World of Hyatt/AAdvantage member chooses miles as their earning preference at check-in, they will earn 500 AAdvantage miles, plus the additional 1,000 AAdvantage bonus miles.


  • If a World of Hyatt/AAdvantage member does not specifically request miles as their earning preference at check-in, they will receive both World of Hyatt Base Points on eligible spend plus the 1,000 AAdvantage bonus miles.

New members are eligible for the promotion as long as they register to be both a World of Hyatt and an AAdvantage member by the registration date.

The Final Two Pennies

really like this promotion.  If you’re a Hyatt detractor, the biggest flaw you can point to is that many of the new Hyatt hotels in the US are limited service properties like Hyatt Place and Hyatt House.  Business travelers don’t have as many choices across the US if they’re loyal to Hyatt.  Hyatt Place is the only Hyatt property in many markets I visit.

This promotion stacks nicely with the current quarterly promotion, giving folks plenty of extra points.

With the combination of the two promotions, Hyatt is making it really rewarding to stay at Hyatt Place and Hyatt House.  I prefer a full-service hotel.  However, most Hyatt Place and Hyatt House properties are newer than the competitors.  And, they’re offering you a pretty decent bonus through the end of June to fold them into your travel plans.

Don’t forget to register.  Even if you don’t have any stays at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House planned.  It takes 30 seconds and you never know when your plans will change.  You’ll be upset if you missed out on an easy 1,000 bonus miles.

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  1. If I choose miles only (so 1,500 miles per stay), do I still earn the Night after Night bonus of 500 Hyatt points per night?

      1. Hopefully, the default at HH and HP will be 1,000 AA miles + 6 hyatt points per dollar as an explorist + 500 promo points through May 15. I value that at about $32 on a $100 stay. That is worth a few mattreess run nights to get back to Globalistt more quickly. Maybe will add about 10 mattress run nights thanks to this promo…

  2. Did Hyatt indicate somewhere that “WOH points and AA miles” is the default if no election is made? I did not see that in the promotion terms and conditions. I checked in to a Hyatt Place last night and the desk staff had no clue what I was talking about making it impossible to choose anything. Thanks again for excellent coverage!

    1. Bryan, this new promo doesn’t affect how you earn base points. If you’re set up to earn WOH points, you’ll earn those. If you’re set up to earn miles, that’s the currency you’ll get for the base points. Then, on top of that you get the AA miles. Does that make sense?

      1. Thank you very much for that explanation! I now understand. I was confused by the “at check-in choose,” part of the promotion…and so were several of the front desk staff at the Hyatt Place Las Vegas. I really appreciate you clarifying for me.

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