Hyatt Hotels Announces The Gentlest Of Category Changes

Award redemption category changes are a way of life when it comes to hotel points.  For the most part, you can count on hotels going up and down in category at least once a year.  When there’s advance notice, there’s a bit of strategy involved in new bookings.

Hyatt has released their list of properties that are changing category going forward.  The downside?  You only have a day or so to make reservations at the new rates.  That’s unusual, usually Hyatt gives more notice.  The upside?  I can count all the properties going up in category using my hands (I don’t even need to take off my shoes).

In case you’re not familiar with the lingo, “going up” means these hotels will cost more points for an award redemption next year.

There are 9 hotels going up in category:

Hyatt Hotels Category Changes

This list is mostly a non-event.  With the exception of the Highlands Inn, these are all Hyatt Place hotels.  It’s not that these hotels aren’t “important”.  It’s just they’re likely not properties that see a ton of award redemptions.

There’s also one hotel getting cheaper.  The Confidante in Miami is dropping from a Category 6 to a Category 4.  That’s really good news for folks heading to Miami Beach.  I had my first stay at this hotel last week and I would absolutely return the next time I was in the area.  It’s a beautiful hotel that’s part of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection.  Saving thousands of points for an award booking is icing on the cake.

Hyatt Hotels Category Changes

The View From My Balcony At The Confidante, Miami Beach

The Final Two Pennies

You only have until 11:59 pm tomorrow, Tuesday December 12th to make reservations at the current redemption amounts.  That’s less than ideal.  Thankfully, it’s such a small list of hotels.

Any time I see an e-mail with the subject “category changes” I get a bit nervous.  This is absolutely the happiest I’ve ever been with a list of annual hotel category changes.

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  1. What kind of room did you have at the Confidante? I’d be on annual free cc nights and points for the rest. Did you try to kick in points for their (very attractive) suites? I absolutely love having another category 4 Hyatt choice in Miami Beach. It’s my winter escape.

    1. Enjoy Fine Food, I did upgrade to a larger room. It was on the 11th floor with a wraparound balcony. I wasn’t spending much time at the hotel (business trip) so I didn’t spend points for a suite. I should have burned a suite upgrade! I really enjoyed the property and hope to write up a report soon.

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