Cheap Flights! $99 One-Way To Iceland, $149 To Europe

Cheap flights to Europe have been rapid fire over the past few years.  On top of that, we’ve seen a whole bunch of cheap flights to Iceland.  If you don’t mind coach and can pack lightly, it’s a great time to travel.

WOW Air has another fare sale going on.  I’m seeing $99 one-way fares out of my home market of Washington, DC (OK, it’s really Baltimore) through May.  There are plenty of dates available.  It’s not the only city with $99 fares.  Pittsburgh and Boston have them as well.  On top of that, New York, Chicago, Cincy and Cleveland have $109 one-way fares.  Plus, plenty of $149 and under fares to Europe.

What’s even more interesting about this sale is that there are a bunch of $169 or lower one-way flights heading back to the US.  With many of these “sales”, the return flights are significantly more expensive.  Plus, as airlines like United and American add Iceland service the possibility of using miles to get home increase.

Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights

It’s been a while since I searched fares on WOW, and there seems to be a small change in how they display fares.  It seems that they want to make sure they have you on their mailing list if you want the cheapest fares.

Cheap Flights

There’s no cost to sign-up, unlike the Frontier Discount Den or Spirit’s $9 Fare Club.  Seems like an easy thing to do for $70 in savings.

The Final Two Pennies

Keep in mind that if you find cheap European fares on WOW, you can also take advantage of their free stopovers in Iceland.  That’s two trips for less than the price of one!  And, if you can’t find a cheap flight to get home, you might be able to use miles.  Think of routings like BWI-KEF (Iceland), then on to London, using miles to fly London back to BWI or IAD.

Iceland has been on our list for quite a while.  The entire family is pretty eager to go.  With all the added flights to the region, I kinda want to get there before there’s a McDonald’s on every corner.

With the availability on this fare sale, I might finally be taking the plunge.

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