Southwest Is Giving Companion Passes Away To California Residents After One Purchase On Their Credit Card!

Southwest Airlines is in full guerilla warfare mode in California.  How can you tell?  They just cranked out the best offer I’ve ever seen for their awesome companion pass.

If you’re a California resident, apply for a new Rapid Rewards credit card and make one purchase via the card, Southwest Airlines will give you a Companion Pass valid until the end of 2018.

Nick from Frequent Miler has been all over this since it first popped up.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  In case you’re wondering what a Companion Pass is….

Southwest allows customers to earn the right to bring a companion on every flight with them, essentially for free.  They just need to pay the $5.60 security fee.  Customers are entitled to a guest on both paid and reward flights.

I earned one last year for our family.  I definitely didn’t utilize it enough, but I see the tremendous value.  If you’re looking for a really deep dive on the Companion Pass, check out this post series by Deals We Like.

Southwest Giving Companion Passes Away

You can check out all the details on the Southwest website.  The offer is valid until 11/30/2017.  However, given how popular something like this could be, I wouldn’t sleep on it.  I’d hate to see them change their minds midstream.

It’s important to note that this is just for California residents.  Southwest makes it clear that if you don’t have a California address, they won’t be honoring the offer for you.

The Final Two Pennies

Southwest Airlines is looking to capture every last customer they can in their battle with Alaska Airlines to own the California market.  I love this promotion not only for the customer benefit but also from a strategic perspective for Southwest.  If a customer applies for a credit card and becomes “sticky”, Southwest is giving up an incremental seat.  There’s an implied cost for that, but only when a flight sells out.  If a customer decides to take advantage of the Companion Pass offer and doesn’t end up flying that much, Southwest’s costs is essentially zero.  Their sunk costs are virtually nil unless the customer engages.  At that point, Southwest is hoping they can retain the customer.

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  1. I’d love to get this, since I’m in CA, but I’m up against 5/24, so I won’t be approved by Chase. Awesome deal for anyone who can get it!

    1. I live in Ca, I just got the rapid rewards (premier) card in August, can I get the companion pass, since it was just opened?

      1. Tamara, probably not. But, I think it’s definitely worth calling. Plus, you might be able to apply for another one to qualify for the offer. Let me know how you make out. Sorry for the delay in replying.

  2. The T&C state the offer isn’t valid for current RR cardholders or past cardholders who have received a sign-up bonus within the last 24 months. I opened my RR Premier card over 24 months ago. Can I get this offer if I cancel my card?

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