MLB Playoff Games For As Little As 5,000 SPG Starpoints Per Ticket!

It looks like Starwood Preferred Guest has some Major League Baseball playoff games that are super cheap (as far as points redemptions go).  And, they’re not auctions, it’s first come, first served.

If you’re not familiar with SPG Moments, it’s the auction/redemption site that Starwood spun up a number of years ago.  It gives customers the ability to bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences and events using their Starpoints.  I’ve bid on a handful of packages over the years.

The last SPG Moment I won was a package for 2 to see Billy Joel in concert from a suite at Wrigley Field.  Prior to that was probably the best use of points I’ve ever had. I bid on (and won) a tennis lesson with Andre Agassi at the US Open. I can still remember the look on my wife’s face when she found out that she (not me) was the one doing the lesson.

It was unbelievable. Andre was very welcoming and friendly. He was a great teacher. And, we even got some priceless video when he scorched one past Michelle near the end of her time on the court. After that, we relaxed in the SPG suite and watched some great tennis.

SPG Moments are probably one the biggest thing I’ll miss if Marriott kills the program once they complete the merger between the two companies.  Up until last week, I thought that was likely.  Instead, Marriott rolled out their own version with some pretty cool auctions to get started.

How Do I Get Cheap MLB Playoff Tickets?

Anyway, I was reading my friend Mommy Points’ blog this morning and noted that she had links to some awesome deals for playoff tickets.

These are redemption offers, not auctions.  That means if you know you want to go, you just need to spend a few minutes filling out the details, complete your redemption and then get ready for playoff baseball!

MLB Playoffs Games For 5,000 SPG Starpoints

I’m tempted to grab some Yankees tickets even though I’m crushed we lost in 13 innings last night.  As sloppy as we played, we didn’t deserve to win that game against a quality opponent like Cleveland.

There’s one important thing to consider with these tickets.  The location of the seats is listed as TBD.  Now, SPG Moments has always had great access to luxury boxes, etc.  And, baseball playoff tickets ain’t cheap.  But, if you commit to one of these point redemptions, you won’t know exactly where your seats are.

If anyone redeems one of these offers, I’d be really curious to hear where your seats are.

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  1. Looks like tickets for nosebleed seats are available on Stubhub from about $100 incl taxes, a bit less if you want to risk it on Craigslist. I would typically rather pay $100 than use 5000 Starwood points. So the question is how good are these seats?

    1. Nick, I’d be pretty surprised if they’re nosebleeds. SPG goes out of their way to make the “Moments” special. I don’t think they’d be offering nosebleeds. But, that is a risk.

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