CHEAP Australia Business Class Fares; Very Useful If You Have Some Miles

New Zealand and Australia are two places that can be troublesome to find cheap flights to.  Given how long the flights are, they’re also the sort of trips you want to try hard to avoid economy class if you can.

Dan’s Deals is reporting sub-$1,000 round-trip flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles in business class.  Now, before you say, “I don’t live in Australia” stay with me for just a minute.

This is an excellent reason to keep some miles or points hanging around.  American Airlines added flights to Australia a couple of years ago, and United did the same just a few weeks ago.  Couple in other airlines like Qantas and there are a handful of airlines that you can redeem miles on to get yourself to Australia without having to buy a ticket.

That means you could use these $968 round-trip flights from Australia just to get you home, using miles to get your outbound leg.  Or, if you’re truly crazy (says the guy who went to Australia for 54 hours) you could use that round-trip $968 fare to book two trips, using miles to get you to Australia and back, nesting the $968 flight in between.

You could space the trips out a bit depending on how widely the fare is available.  I haven’t had much time to check dates as I wanted to get this out quickly.

Cheap Australia Business Class Fares

The Final Two Pennies

If you’re thinking about going to Australia, be sure to read my quick trip report on my recent trip.  If you only take two tips from me, go with Mr. Wong’s for dinner and make sure to experience Bridge Climb.  It’s a true bucket list item.

Los Angeles is an easy city to get to cheaply if you don’t live in the area.  There are plenty of cheap flights to both LAX and airports nearby.  On the other side of the Pacific, New Zealand is another easy destination from Australia.  There are also some other parts of Asia that are pretty accessible using miles, trains or cheap flights.

I wouldn’t sleep on these fares if you’re thinking of booking them.  Remember that virtually any flight that originates or departs in the US is eligible for a full refund for up to 24 hours after purchase.  These fares will go fast!

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Cheap Australia Business Class Fares

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