GIVEAWAY: United Club Passes

I have 2 United Club passes that expire June 30, 2018.  I’m giving them away to one lucky reader.

Just leave a comment below by 11:59 pm Thursday, August 17th, 2017.  I’ll select one  winner and send the passes your way!

Good luck!


  1. Would love to get the passes for our layover in ORD on our way to Hawaii in non-business class. This is my big birthday and 40th anniversary trip.

  2. Planning a trip to Europe for next month, so a United Club pass at SFO would be a lovely start to a great vacay.

  3. Flying SFO-ORD with my wife and our 1-year-old daughter for Thanksgiving to visit my in-laws. Would be great to be able to relax a little in the lounge beforehand. Thanks!

  4. Going to Europe in two weeks, first time outside of North America. I’m flying United and these passes would be much appreciated!

  5. I would love to get 2 United Lounge passes to compensate for the 2 free ones that come with my United credit card that were apparently stolen last week by USPS. I subscribe to USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest that sends photos of the front of the letters that are supposed to be delivered to my home on that day’s delivery. That letter never arrived. It didn’t help that the outside of the envelope read in large letters “UNITED CLUB ONE-TIME PASSES ARE ENCLOSED” Way to go, United! Still, I’d value a replacement.

  6. I’m flying to San Diego for Labor day and cheating on AA w/ United. The passes would be great. Thanks fro running the contest!

  7. Going on a special anniversary trip soon to Morocco and Madrid and this would make a great start! Wonderful blog that I also look forward to reading!

  8. Flying home on Labor Day SMF – IAH – RDU with my fiancee and would love to have 2 UC passes for the 2 hour layover in Houston

  9. Wow, my husband and I would love those passes for a long layover in Chicago in November when we fly to Churchill, Canada for a polar bear safari. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. My boyfriend and I are taking our first overseas vacation together and these would be great to use while waiting to take off from the US.

  11. Flying to Chicago for Marathon in October so would love to relax in lounge before that. Thanks for a great blog!

  12. I would love to have these for my parents who are flying United/ANA ORD-NRT-SGN in October. They don’t travel that often so want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible.

  13. Can actually put those passes to good use by 2 of my elderly relatives whom I’m gonna be accompanying to their United flight in early September – they will have 2-3 hour layover in the airport. It would be super nice for them to relax in a quieter place and have some water/sodas with small snacks during the wait. As they don’t fly often – it can be a good treat to them (and much less stressful!)
    Thank you for doing this!

  14. Ed, this is very nice of you. Expire date in June 2018! Thumbs up!
    (I have seen some other bloggers were giving away free passes that will expire in next 5 days)

  15. /Wow, how generous of you!
    You’re still one of my favorite bloggers! I like your “life” stories AND you travel and credit card tips!

  16. Thanks for the offer, Ed! We coud use these next month when I take my wife to her favorite place: Disneyworld!

  17. Don’t you want to share those passes with a guy that rescues young women from human trafficking and is going on his first international flight in October!? PICK ME!

  18. Maybe today will be our lucky day…2 passes…2 people (husband and wife) with the same birthday — TODAY! Keeping our fingers crossed for a nice birthday surprise.

  19. If you pick me I will drink many domestic beers in your honor. Future layovers at ORD or IAH would be slightly better 😉

  20. i have only read about and seen lounges at the airport. i am a caretaker and horsekeeper in talking rock, ga. i would use these passes on my roundtrip christmas flight from atlanta to boston to be with my family (but i won’t be with my family for too long…gotta get back to the horse and keep him warm!).

  21. I’m new to the points hobby. United is my preferred airline. Heading to China in October and it would be awesome to use the lounge during my connections. Keep up the great work on this site!

  22. Just booked a reward trip for my in-laws today from CLE to KOA for February. They have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Two lounge passes will be the icing on the cake. Thanks!

  23. Ah! This would be so lovely to have for a trip next spring when I take my mom and a friend of hers, who is sort of like a second mother to me, to Rome. Neither has ever been across the Atlantic and I have accumulated quite a number of points to make this happen. I have one United Club pass of my own and I was *just* thinking how nice it would be to have two more for our layover in EWR.

    Thanks for being generous with one of your readers!

  24. Thanks for sharing. On a mileage run on 9/5 (the final 800 miles) to earn Star Gold. 6 am departure from SFO. A Pass would be really handy that early in the morning. Thanks again.

  25. I’ll be flying through LAX in November and this would be a great way to spend time with my wife while waiting for our flight!

  26. These would be a nice way to break up the long trip back to Europe while taking my daughter home. How wonderful to sit in comfortable chairs, have a power outlet, and relax during the 4 hour layover!

  27. The world is there To be explored and experienced! Donning a travel hat , a smile, & adventurous spirit. Selecting a destination , and taking off . So much to see. So little time. So much to learn. with a donut of course.

  28. I won’t tell you that I love United, but where I live dictates that I have to at least tolerate them! Obviously, lounge passes makes that a little easier. Thanks, Ed, for the giveaway.

  29. I live in the east coast and bought these cheap roundtrip tix for me and my fellow Rotarian from SEA to CCU on a trip to take part in a charity event in Calcutta, India. We’ve been waiting to buy our roundtrip from RDU to SEA till prices drop but we could really use these certificates. It would help us achieve our dream project at a very economical price.

  30. Oh fun! I’ve never been in an airport club lounge, but based upon the excitement over this giveaway, it must be a pretty sweet experience! Appreciate the opportunity to enter the contest. Thank you!

  31. Pick me! I need to beef up at the lounge so that I can be in shape to put up a good fight when they come to drag me off the plane…

  32. Oh well, I am a day late and two United Club passes short. I am heading on a whirlwind tour of Europe next month from DC.

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